Parallax Containers

The popularity of this web design technique was short-lived so, for those unfamiliar with it, Wikipedia has a good definition: Parallax scrolling, also known as “asymmetrical scrolling,” is a technique in computer graphics and web design where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D […]



xyPanels is a plugin that I developed for front end web developers and a twist on popular one-page website designs. Most of the heavy lifting is done by jQuery but I am planning to replace certain functions with modern CSS (such as the Flexbox layout module) in future releases. xyPanels also operates “outside” the layout […]


Nashville Jazz Workshop

NJW is an amazing organization that I have been involved with ever since coming to Nashville. This is a site that I built for them with the help of graphic designer Brian Parker following their recent rebranding. Please visit the NJW website!

Vanderbilt Nursing Annual Report

For their 2015 annual report, the Vanderbilt Nursing Department decided that they wanted to go completely interactive (no print). Chris Craig and I worked on this project together for Vanderbilt Web Communications. See the final report!

Vanderbilt Business Magazine

This is a WordPress theme that I recently built for Vanderbilt Business Magazine — an alumni publication for the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management. It is actually the child of a separate parent theme designed to support multiple publication sites such as Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine. Please visit the Vanderbilt Business Magazine website!


Page Content Filtering Using CSS and jQuery

This is something that I first created for a project at Vanderbilt University. The basic idea is to have a keyword match input field on a page that filters page content for the user without making a server request and reloading the page. TAKE A LOOK AT THE DEMO Some thoughts on what to do […]

Peabody Email Template

HTML email design poses a lot of unique challenges for developers due to the fact that email clients are about 15 to 20 years behind browsers in terms of CSS compliance. Despite this archaic distinction, it has become critical to incorporate responsive techniques into email design due to the fact that statistics are showing more […]

World Shapers

Owen World Shapers

The Owen World Shapers microsite is something that I built for the Vanderbilt University Owen Business School and features profiles of distinguished alumni. The site — including the CMS used to manage the profiles — was built completely by scratch aside from the use of the excellent Bootstrap responsive framework. Visit Owen World Shapers


Accordion Menus

When they first came into use accordion menus took a lot of coding but now — thanks to jQuery — they are quite simple. There are lots of plugins and code samples available for creating these but I wanted to have one that would (1) close open accordions when another one was opened and that […]

Interactive Timeline

The Which Program is Right for Me interactive timeline is something that I built for the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management as a companion to a printed info-graphic from one of their brochures. The purpose is to help prospective students choose a program based on the current stage of their careers. See the interactive […]