Challenges and Solutions

The following are some examples of projects that I have lead while working at Vanderbilt

Alumni Magazine Websites

Challenge: Build a Vanderbilt alumni magazine website template that can be used for different schools and also support the unique visual design of each publication.

Solution: We created a “parent” WordPress theme that is minimal in terms of design but loaded with all of the features and functionality needed by each school. For each site we then created a very lightweight “child theme” which sits on top of the parent and dictates the “look and feel.” With this model, major functionality updates only need to be made in one place.

Examples: Vanderbilt Business Magazine and Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

Features Alumni Profiles

Challenge: Create a web presence for the Owen Graduate School where notable alumni can be featured.

Solution: We built a small website along with a back-end admin tool where alumni profiles can be added and edited. We also included the following features:

  • Profiles can be filtered by class year, program, company and other keywords
  • Individual profiles can be rendered dynamically on their own pages with unique URLs
  • Because the profile information is database-driven they can also be rendered on other Owen websites

Visit: Owen Worldshapers

Interactive Info-graphic

Challenge: Duplicate a large info-graphic from a printed brochure which was designed to help prospective students identify programs at the Owen Graduate School suited to their current career stage.

Solution: We worked with the original print designers to create a one-page interactive timeline containing all of the information from the printed counterpart.

Visit: Which Program Timeline

Annual Report

Challenge: Help the Vanderbilt Nursing Department replace their printed annual report with an interactive one for 2016.

Solution: We created a one-page website with multiple panels, videos, charts and customized navigation.

Visit: Vanderbilt Nursing Annual Report (BETA)

Community Websites

Challenge: Build a community website template for the Owen Graduate School that can be used for personal blogs, clubs and special events.

Solution: We created a pliable WordPress theme that is loaded with several design options and page templates. Over 50 student clubs and faculty members are currently using this theme, however, updates only need to be made once and in one place when needed.

Examples: Dean Johnson and Project Pyramid